Carpet & Cushion

I offer a wide variety of fine broadloom carpets and premium grade carpet cushions to suit any budget.  I will bring these samples to your home so you can view them where they will be installed.  This is the only true way to see how a carpet will look and feel in your home.


Carpet Installation

I personally install all of my products.  Every installation is done in compliance with the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) 105 standard for installation of residential carpet.  The CRI is the foremost authority in the industry and their standards should always be followed.  A carpet that is not properly installed will not live up to its warranties.  Therefore, a carpet is only as good as the installation!


Carpet Repairs

I perform all types of carpet repairs.  From patching burn holes and stains, to repairing seams and whole-house re-stretches.  Often, a carpet can be repaired extending its life and saving you money.  Many of today’s installations are not being properly installed due to free installation gimmicks and inexperienced installers.  If your carpet is in need of some repair due to poor installation or simple wear and tear, I can fix it!